LCISD Service Record Request

Service Record Request

This online form is for use by current and former employees of Lamar CISD to request an official record of their service (i.e., employment) with the district. After completing the form and clicking the "submit" button at the bottom, an e-mail will be generated and sent to LCISD Human Resources. Please note service record requests are processed in the order that they are received and will be sent to you no more than 30 days from when the request is made. School districts are required to provide the copy no later than the 30th day after the request is made or the date of the last day of the individual's employment, whichever is later (Texas Education Code ยง 21.4031).

If you have any problems with the form or questions about your service record, please contact the appropriate Human Resources representative. For Elementary School employees, please contact Nancy Martinez at 832-223-0306. For Secondary School employees, please contact Krissy Tejeda at 832-223-0319.

NOTE: There is only one original service record. Original service records are only sent when employment becomes inactive. If LCISD has provided you with an original service record in the past, please contact the school district where you were most recently employed to obtain the original. Lamar CISD will only be able to provide certified copies after original service record has been released.

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